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Aug. 9th, 2017 10:39 am
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Depending upon how you figure it, we're about halfway through the creation process, so it is now time for a quick check-in. Why do we do this? Well, in fairness to your teammates (as well as the Mods and the other Team), we need to make sure that everyone is still on-board. Teams must remain even and the best way to accomplish this is to keep in touch with people. Sadly, some people disappear. And while they might have perfectly valid reasons for dropping off the face of the internet, it can wreak a certain kind of havoc for The Games. Therefore, we are asking each participant to check-in.

Simply reply to this post with a fun fact/interesting tidbit, and you're on your way!
Your fun fact/interesting tidbit can be literally anything you wish; we just need something to entertain ourselves as people check-in. However, if you do not reply to this post by 11:59pm EST (like Toronto or NYC) on Thursday, August 17th, we will be forced to escalate matters, taking drastic measures. Well, maybe not that drastic, but it will involve email and maybe even PMs. We will haunt your journals. We will track you down like the time lords Mods we are. Eventually, if our hunting efforts fail and we do not hear from a participant, we will sadly have to consider them a drop. But we most most certainly don't want people to be dropped! We want everyone to stay in the Games! So please check in now, share some fun and positivity, and don't disappear on us!


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